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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that can save you money

Couponizer Savings Page

On-Line Coupon Sites


Value Pack

Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

The Dollar Stretcher

ICFE - Check out the feature article on our product - Helping Consumers Get the Most out of Coupons - check out the spender quiz

Leisure Savings (Dining out, plays, sporting events)


Goldstar is a great place to buy tickets for Entertainment (sports, plays, concerts, cruises, spa services!) at 1/2 price.  Great way to go out and not run out of money! 

Goldstar 1/2 Price Tickets


Woot is a great place for daily deals!  I have gotten all sorts of stuff, birthday presents, christmas presents, stuff for myself and my family.  Check daily, cause once the deals are gone they are gone!

Woot Luv!

********** allows you to buy $25 Gift Certificates for $10, however, lately I have been getting them between $3 & $5 dollars! NO KIDDING!  My friend told me the other day he blamed me for his weight because they were going out to dinner so much ever since I showed them this site!!