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These numbers are examples only (I am hoping my numbers look like this or better!) ….If you would like me to do this type of analysis for you I will give you the information that you need to send on a separate page.


The first Calculation is what am I going to owe on my home & credit line vs what am I going to sell it for plus what am I going to need for a new place to live.




sell house




owe House








owe equity line








new place




retirement funds



Second Calculation  is what do I think I will have in the 401k when I retire, I take the current balance, divide by the years invested, and times by the years left to come up with an approximate.



Current 401 K Bal












years invested










ave yearly increase








years til retire










increase by retirement






retirement funds



The third calculation can fluctuate as I have attached to my stock sheet, so I use the current value and dividend returns.


The next page shows how to spread your money out to get the most bang for your age.